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I Care is open for visitation by anyone willing to see what we are doing, share our vision, and help out in any way possible. Since our establishment, we have been honored to host guests who come to our center to check on our work, provide insights, and encourage us along the way. Our guests also purchase the cultural scarves made by our weaving trainees as memorabilia.

Home Visits

Home visits are made with different teams coming to visit the I Care center. These visits give us an opportunity to hear the stories and share the experiences of the children’s families themselves. Visiting teams get to hand out donations and materials to beneficiaries as well. These sincere and heartfelt moments further strengthen the impact that our organization has on members of society. It is obvious that home visits paint a clearer picture – they tell us more than what we know.

Children Sponsors And Local Supporters

I Care is open to sponsors that pledge to take a share of the cost of raising children. During their visits, food materials, clothing, and sanitary products are donated to the organization on behalf of the visiting team. Gifts are given out to the children and we get to spend a fun-filled day together doing different activities.  In addition, local supporters take up the initiative to check up on I Care’s children on a regular basis. True to their word, they constantly come by the compound and engage with the children.

I Care is forever thankful for all the help and support we get from our proud sponsors as well as local supporters.

Visits From Children’s Hope Chest – Summit Team

I Care hosted an afternoon with CHC staff from Summit. The children’s sponsors were here from Florida and spent the week interacting with I Care beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, and fellow sponsors. The theme of the visit for this year was living in peace with others and the benefit of handling conflicts. This also provided some time for culture sharing as the team participated in a variety of activities as baking Injera (Ethiopian staple food) and partaking in the traditional methods of baking bread, hosting a coffee ceremony, grinding food grains, cotton spinning and making traditional food. The team also had a hike to visit the museum at Mount Entoto together with I Care staff and volunteers.


Children’s Playing Time With Kevin Turner At I Care Center

Children had their playtime with Kevin Turner from Invest in Children Africa. Everyone had an amazing time and the liberty to have a playtime brought out the freedom to communicate with one another. Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon.


Vision Trip By Patricia

Our dear Patricia came out to the I Care Center to check on the progress of income-generating activities (IGA) training programs and pledged to support ten women in the cloth washing and laundry service training. Patricia with her friend, Maryse, has set out plans to help destitute women by climbing tall mountains in order to raise funds. At the time, Patricia was in Ethiopia to climb Ras Dashen at Gonder to raise the necessary funds needed to enroll the ten women in the laundry service training program.

Shellie’s Visit Our ‘Buna Tetu’ Program

I Care was blessed to be paid a visit by our dear Shellie Carlson. She brought reusable sanitary pads for our women and promised to give training on how it can be easily made for personal use as well as for income-generating purposes.