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Training On Trauma Management

I Care organizes training that directly supports our mission. This trauma management training was given for groups that included:

  • Government officials that work on women and children affairs on the Woreda, Sub-city, and Addis Ababa City level – 60 in total
  • I Care volunteers and Children’s Hope Chest staff, and
  • CHC head office and Care Point staff – 40 in total

These training at Crown Hotel were supported by organizations around the world that facilitate trainers and cover the daily personal cost of the trainees.

The first round of the training covered how to deal with challenges and stressors that we face on a daily basis especially for those that have been adversely affected by these experiences. The second round of training was given to a total of 195 government officials and relied heavily on feedback from the first session.

Staff Training On Unpaid Care Work For Women-Based Organizations Like I Care

The training was about the importance of unpaid care work to the family and stated that for the social good, it should not all be burdened on women as they will have much less time for self-empowerment and improvement. Therefore, the aim of the training was on how we can distribute the unpaid care workload to all household members and ease the pressure on women.

Health Education

During the years, acute watery diarrhea (AWD) was highly prevalent in our city and became one of the main health concerns for our children. Thus, I Care was swift to establish a health education program in our locality on the prevention, care-seeking behavior, and treatment of acute watery diarrhea. One of the main factors attributed to the disease is lack of sanitation and therefore we were able to employ our volunteer social workers and health professionals to go around each household and teach about how people can protect themselves and their families.

Afternoon With Concerned Authorities

I Care staff and volunteers had an afternoon with the Sub-city children, women, and youth affairs as well as Gender department staff.

The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on the experiences that were shared during the training on trauma management given by I Care for the Nation. In addition, it presented an opportunity for us to invite them over to the I Care center and work on creating a partnership.

Visit From Children’s Hope Chest And Life Skill Training

Guests from CHC came to the I Care center for a week during July. It was a refreshing experience as life skill lessons were given to the children by our dear visitors. The event included playtime, storytime, and finally a feast as one family.