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I Care During COVID-19

The pandemic has been a rough patch for all groups of people but has seriously affected the beneficiaries (children and mothers) at I Care. Mothers were laid off or had to stop working while daily laborers had lost their jobs. Inability to access facemasks and sanitary materials had further compounded the problem.

With the help of our dear donors, I Care was able to provide sanitary kits containing facemasks, sanitizers, sanitary napkins and products to each of our children and their families. This would at least enable them to protect themselves from the virus during this difficult time. With regards to food stuffs, we were unable to gather at the I Care Center to hand out donations thus we deposited the cost equivalent to or beneficiaries bank accounts so they could purchase on their own while minimizing physical contact at the institution.

In addition, I Care has recruited members of the locality – especially women – to take part in our sewing training to make face masks and reusable sanitary napkins. Due to the space limitation at the I Care Center, the training is given in a scheduled manner where participants keep their distance and follow health precautions. This training will provide products to meet the sanitary needs of the institution and will also be sold in the market to provide income for the beneficiaries.