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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

We Help Address Societal Issues With Meaningful Youth Engagement

Ethiopia has been involved in the import of foodstuffs such as wheat grain, food oil, and vegetables for years and that has had a direct impact on the living expenses in the country. Even though there are import items that we still can’t substitute, the imported practice comes with its own downfalls with regards to our economy and livelihood.

In a country blessed with favorable weather conditions, abundant water supply, and fertile land, Ethiopians have been compromising over the exchange of goods until a plan is developed that can accelerate the substitution of goods using the resource at our disposal.

It’s true that there are import items which we can’t afford to substitute in the near future. Nevertheless, we have to come up with a way forward because

  • We have enough resources at least to produce vegetables (such as onions) on a larger scale. It is known that Ethiopia imports onions from Sudan to satisfy the needs of the market. Sudan makes use of irrigation projects near the river Nile to supply the needs of the many while we are yet to come up with a project for efficient use of our vast water bodies, including the Nile.
  • We have unemployed youths that are well-qualified but forced to even migrate to rural areas in search of a stable job opportunity. That implies that we are not short with regards to producing manpower that can innovate and satisfy the needs of the market all while earning a living.
  • The rise in unemployment has led to civil unrest. An uncertain future and lack of progression in the livelihood of our youths have further fueled this instability. A project that can impact these concerns and impact the lives of the vast majority of Ethiopians is sure to address such problems

In general, these circumstances imply that we have been living and performing below our potential. Hence, I Care has planned to work on youth empowerment in the urban and rural contexts by the use of our substitution ideas. We have set out to put in the maximum effort to create job opportunities all while improving the economy and minimizing unemployment rates.