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Urban Youth and Women Empowerment

Urban Youth and Women Empowerment

I Care provides women with training in income-generating activities


Cotton Spinning

I Care started cotton spinning training for women who would like to take up this skill and see it as a way of going into business. We prepared a training room with cotton spinning machines and hired a professional to provide the training. Participants were grouped to attend the training and were given proper certification when they completed the course.

For subsequent training, the outstanding women from the initial training were selected as trainers. The program provided an opportunity not only to learn the trait but interact and spend some quality time with peers. Graduates are also consulted on business awareness so they know how to plan their own business in this direction. This interaction can further be used as a means of psychological support.


One that had a lot of beneficiaries interested was weaving. Weaving machines were purchased and planted in the I Care compound. The training took is for seven months and was initially given by a professional. This was more or less related to cotton spinning thus had a lot of participants from the cotton spinning program. The artisan products made by graduates are made available to the market and put on display at the I Care compound for sale.


Barista Management

In this project, a professional trainer is hired to train groups of urban women and youth interested in becoming a Barista. Trainees are certified upon the completion of their training and top performers from the initial training were made to pass on their knowledge and experience to subsequent training participants.

Day Care Service

Since most of the beneficiaries at I Care work by rotating between homes, one of the challenges they may face could be how to handle kids, feed and play with them. With that in mind, the organization provided training on the delicate day care service to help them improve on their skills and increase their performance regarding their work. Certificates were handed out to trainees during their graduation day.


Laundry Service

This training was offered to urban women and youth supported by the project for a period of three months. The training has two parts – theoretical lessons regarding laundry service on the first part and practical training – which encompasses sorting out clothes, washing, drying, ironing, folding as well as washing and painting leather products. The final part of the training was on how to give good service to their customers and handling customer relationships.

Upon completion of the training, laundry materials and accessories are provided by I Care to prospective professionals.

Even though trainings are given interchangeably, so far we have trained 122 women and youth with different schemes based on their inclinations as an income generating activity. From those trained groups, many have started making income by opening their own business or being employed at other establishments.

Since we planned to start these trainings, Children’s Hope Chest has taken the upper hand to stand by our side to help with collecting donations and continuously support the beneficiaries in our program.